An idea that came out of necessity...

…Ibroke down and got a smartphone, only to find I couldn’t see the screen without reading glasses, always found myself without them, tried slim and folding pocket glasses, which I forgot or misplaced, also didn’t want another thing in my pocket!

The goal was “a pair of reading glasses attached to the phone”, quick and easy to access without adding bulk. I developed these polycarbonate “Pince-Nez” style mini reading glasses in a “peel & stick” pouch. Smartphoneglasses will help you read those important emails and texts, as well as clearly see your images and videos.

Pince-nez (pron.: /Èpænsnej/ or /Èpjnsnej/;[1] French pronunciation: [pans-nay] are a style of spectacles, popular in the 19th century,
which are supported without earpieces, by pinching the bridge of the nose. The name comes from French pincer, to pinch, and nez, nose.
Pince-nez were used in Europe in the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, modern ones appeared in the 1840s and reached their peak popularity around 1880 to 1900. Part of the title and story of Sherlock Holmes, “The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez”. Teddy Roosevelt’s and FDR’s glasses of choice.

Teddy Roosevelt

Francisco de Quevedo

You’re 40+ . . . been around since day one of cell phones. Tech savvy as you need to be, & finally . . . finally you have the ultimate device! Everything you want/need in the palm of your hand. Only one problem: you can’t see the damn thing!

You need Smartphoneglasses!