Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a front & back to the glasses?

Yes, the front is the side with small raised optical power number of glasses (+2.0 examp). Out when under left eye.

My glasses stick in pouch

Glasses may stick in pouch to start, to break in lightly pull clear front away from glasses, remove & insert glasses into pouch, sticking will stop with use. To put glasses in pouch, slide one side in first, pinch together and slide other side in.

Can I stick pouch directly to my phone or case & how would I get it off?

Yes you can stick pouch directly to phone or case, as long as it is a smooth solid surface, to remove an old pouch pull off the vinyl pouch, push foam tape at end with thumb, slow but steady, the high quality foam tape will roll off surface.

How do I wear these things?

Hold the glasses parallel with your eyes (by the bridge, correct side out). Start at the tip of your nose, move up your nose (while keeping parallel) until you find best spot for sight & comfort.

Will they fit on my phone?

The pouch measures 3-15/16" tip to tip x 1-11/16", fits fine on iphones 4 & 5, with some android & windows phones you may need to put on at an angle to avoid the camera lens.

Diopters Explained

The optical power of a lens with a focal length of 1 meter (about 39 inches) is said to be 1 diopter. Because the formula is based on the reciprocal of the focal length, a 2 diopter lens is not 2 meters but 1/2 meter, a 3 diopter lens is 1/3 meter and so forth. This is important because magnification increases as the focal length gets shorter, which is why a prescription for a higher diopter correction means you need more magnification.

The optical power of the human eye is about 40 diopters. The eye of a normal young person can adjust an additional 20 diopters. By age 25 this accommodation is usually reduced to about 10 diopters and by age 50 to a mere 1 diopter. It is this diminishing capacity for adjustment, called presbyopia, that warrants reading glasses.